Past Conferences

ERRG 2012

St Chad’s College, Durham University, ‘Death, Dying and Burial’.  3-4 September 2012.


Lisa Kranzer, ‘Elucidating Death – Or, how reformist authors re-wrote executions as martyrdom.’

Tom Hamilton, ‘Contesting Public Executions in Paris Towards the End of the Wars of Religion.’

Rebecca Emmett, ‘“Notorious disobedient & godlesse person” or “poor Waldegrave, who never printed book…that containeth either treason or impiety”? A reassessment of the puritan “martyr” Robert Waldegrave.’

Daliah Primrose Bond, ‘A Bibliographic Survey of Scottish Chapbooks published in Scotland 1650-1700.’

Roisin Watson, ‘Art, Piety and Politics: The Bilderfrage in early modern Württemberg.’

Catherine McMillan, ‘Did Scotland Have a “Conservative” North-East?’

Sylvia Gill, ‘Managing Reputation: clerical wills and responses during the English Reformation.’

Hannah Cleugh, ‘“At the hour of our death”: praying for the dying in post-Reformation England.’

Patricia Walker, ‘The Changing Culture of Death and the Elizabethan Widow.’

Fiona Counsell, ‘The role of death and the deathbed in domestic and household religious practices in Seventeenth Century England.’

Linda Briggs, ‘“Long live the King and the Holy Mass!”: Charles IX and Religious Toleration during the Royal Tour of France (1564-1566).’

Ruth Atherton, ‘The Confessionalization of Death – Church Orders in Sixteenth Century Germany.’

Rebecca Constabel, ‘The golden tree: nobility, gender and politics on the tomb of Mary of Burgundy.’


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