Past Conferences

ERRG 2013

22nd Annual Meeting, Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden, Flintshire, 4-5 September 2013.


Laura Verner (King’s College, London), ‘“The Thread of the Web”: Catholic Networking in the Elizabethan Midlands’.

Beth Norton (King’s College, London), ‘Catholic Identity in Elizabethan England: the example of the Blount family’.

Lucy Busfield (Mansfield College, Oxford), ‘Katherine Parr, Lady Jane Grey’s Prayer Book and the Fluidity of Private Devotion’.

Jonathan Willis (Birmingham), ‘“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image”? Picturing the Ten Commandments in the Post-Reformation English Parish Church’.

Steven Reid (Glasgow), ‘The Role of Latin in the Culture of Post-Reformation Scotland (1560-1640): Some Initial Findings from the “Bridging the Continental Divide” Project’.

David McOmish (Glasgow), ‘A referential Literature: the picture of Scots Humanism Latin emerging from the DPS’.

Miles Kerr-Peterson (Glasgow), ‘History, Patronage and Encomia in the Latin Funeral Oration of George Keith 4th Earl Marischal’.

Maxine Cunningham (Nottingham Trent), ‘Angelic Presence in Foxe’s Book of Martyrs’.

Bill Naphy (Aberdeen), ‘The Elders on Calvin’s Consistory’.

Patricia Walker (Trinity College, Dublin), ‘She-wolves and Godly Women: Widows in English Murder Pamphlets, 1570-1620’.

Lisa Kranzer (Birmingham), ‘Anne Askew: the real woman versus the ideal martyr’.


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