Past Conferences

ERRG 2014

Murray Edwards College Cambridge, 9-10 September 2014


Beth Norton (King’s College, London), ‘The Blounts of the West Midlands: A Gentry Family’s Religion in the Reformation Period’

Laura Verner (King’s College, London/ University of Hong Kong), ‘Encountering “The Other”: Ecclesiastical and Social (In-) Tolerance of the Catholic Community in the Elizabethan Midlands’

Ruth Barbour (University of Warwick), ‘The Returns of Papists for the Diocese of Worcester 1705/1706’

Jeffrey Jaynes (Methodist Theological School, Ohio), ‘The Urban “Landscape” of Reform in Sixteenth Century North Germany’

David de Boer (University of Konstanz), ‘The Broken Church: Catholic Material Culture and Iconoclasm in the Sixteenth-Century Netherlands’

James M. Stayer (Queens’s University), ‘Luther and Erasmus, Augustine and Paul’

Ruth Atherton (University of Birmingham), ‘Penance in the catechisms of Luther, Canisius and Osiander’

Ralph Werrell (University of Birmingham), ‘John Frith’s Sacramental Theology’

Patricia Walker (Trinity College, Dublin), ‘The Furies in early modern English murder pamphlets’

Anna Ginter (Art History Institute, University of Wrocław), ‘The Church’s “Extreme” Makeovers. The representations of the Anglican Church in Augustine D. Crake’s Deformation and Reformation


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