Past Conferences

ERRG 2015

24th Annual Meeting, University of Birmingham, 9 September 2015


Celyn Richards (Durham University), ‘The forgotten Henrician legacy: Bible Printing in the reign of Edward VI, 1547-1553’

Ruth Atherton (University of Birmingham), ‘“Rather a School without a Church than a School without its own Library”: Peter Canisius’ Interpretation of Catholic Education in Germany, 1549-97’

Sylvia GIll (University of Birmingham), ‘The post-dissolution careers of two midlands clerics’

Anastasia Stylianou (University of Warwick), ‘“So now she fighteth with blood”: Constructions of Martyrs’ Blood in the English Reformation’

Elizabeth Norton (King’s College London), ‘Transmitting Belief in Stone: Elizabethan Cadaver Tombs as a Demonstration of Traditional Faith’

Margaret Bullett (University of Huddersfield), ‘Planning, Speaking and Hearing: Hugh Ramsden’s Gunpowder Sermon at the Halifax Exercise’

Lucy Busfield (St John’s College, Oxford University), ‘Pastoral correspondence and personal devotion in mid-seventeenth century England’

Jonathan Willis (University of Birmingham), ‘The Ten Commandments and “Popular Belief” in Post-Reformation England’


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