Past Conferences

ERRG 2017

European Reformation Research Group 26th Symposium and Annual General Meeting: The Reformation, 500 Years On

University of Liverpool, August 31-September 1 2017


Conference opens 11.30am August 31st and closes 3pm September 1st.

Thursday August 31st 2017

11.30-13.30  Registration and lunch
13.30-14.30 Panel 1 – Local Studies and the English Reformation 
Chair: Sylvia Gill (Birmingham)                      

  1. Joe Chick (Warwick), ‘The dissolution of Reading Abbey: the power vacuum and its impact on the Town’
  2. Tom Morrissey (Liverpool), ‘Enforcing the Reformation: the gentry in the Tudor West Country’
14.45-15.45  Panel 2 – Authority, disruption and translation
Chair: Ruth Atherton (Birmingham)

  1. Lloyd Pietersen (Newman), ‘Menno Simons: closet Münsterite or Erasmian successor?’
  2. Stephen Bates (Warwick), ‘Unwritten verities and English Reform of the Virgin’
15.45-16.30  Tea, coffee and biscuits
16.30-17.30  Panel 3 – Scottish reformers and historiography
Chair: Martin Heale (Liverpool)

  1. Daliah Primrose Bond (Aberdeen), ‘The adaptation of Reformation literature for the Scottish chapbook market: Samuel Rutherford’s “A testimony to the work of the Reformation in Britain and Ireland”’
  2. Chris Langley (Newman), ‘“Our worthy reformers”: understanding Reformation history in mid-seventeenth-century Scotland’
17.30-19.00 Break
19.00 Conference dinner

Friday September 1st 2017

9.30-10.30  Panel 4 – Constructing alternative identities
Chair: Anna French (Liverpool)

  1. Nailya Shamgunova (Cambridge), ‘The impact of the European Reformations on constructing sexual identities and “othering” foreign societies’
  2. Kristianna Polder (Sorbonne Nouvelle), ‘“Liberty to wear satins”: the question of plain dress amongst seventeenth-century Quakers’
10.30-11.00  Tea, coffee and biscuits
11.00-12.00  Panel 5 – Against English exceptionalism: European influences
Chair: Stephen Bates (Warwick)

  1. Fred Smith (Cambridge), ‘England’s “Magpie Reformation”: Europe, exile and the Marian Restoration of Catholicism’
  2. David Leach (Liverpool), ‘The residual orality of testamentary soul bequests and local accommodations to evangelical language in the early English Reformation’
12.00-13.00  Panel 6 – Sin, justification and grace
Chair: Chris Langley (Newman)

  1. Ruth Atherton (Birmingham), ‘“After me, many sects will be born, and Osiander will found one of them”: Andreas Osiander and authority in sixteenth century Nuremberg’
  2. Robert Stern (Sheffield), ‘Freedom from the self: Luther and Løgstrup on sin as “Incurvatus in Se”’
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.00 AGM

For the General Secretary’s thoughts on the 2017 meeting, click here.


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