Past Conferences


The posts below contain details of previous ERRG conferences.

ERRG 2017

European Reformation Research Group 26th Symposium and Annual General Meeting

University of Liverpool, August 31st-September 1st 2017 …

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ERRG 2016

European Reformation Research Group 25th Symposium and Annual General Meeting

Newcastle University, 13-14 September 2016 …

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ERRG 2015

24th Annual Meeting, University of Birmingham, 9 September 2015 Papers: Celyn Richards (Durham University), ‘The forgotten Henrician legacy: Bible Printing in the reign of Edward VI, 1547-1553’ Ruth Atherton (University of Birmingham), ‘“Rather a School without a Church than a School without its own Library”: Peter Canisius’ Interpretation of Catholic Education in Germany, 1549-97’ Sylvia … Continue reading

ERRG 2014

Murray Edwards College Cambridge, 9-10 September 2014 Papers: Beth Norton (King’s College, London), ‘The Blounts of the West Midlands: A Gentry Family’s Religion in the Reformation Period’ Laura Verner (King’s College, London/ University of Hong Kong), ‘Encountering “The Other”: Ecclesiastical and Social (In-) Tolerance of the Catholic Community in the Elizabethan Midlands’ Ruth Barbour (University … Continue reading

ERRG 2013

22nd Annual Meeting, Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden, Flintshire, 4-5 September 2013. Papers: Laura Verner (King’s College, London), ‘“The Thread of the Web”: Catholic Networking in the Elizabethan Midlands’. Beth Norton (King’s College, London), ‘Catholic Identity in Elizabethan England: the example of the Blount family’. Lucy Busfield (Mansfield College, Oxford), ‘Katherine Parr, Lady Jane Grey’s Prayer Book … Continue reading

ERRG 2012

St Chad’s College, Durham University, ‘Death, Dying and Burial’. 3-4 September 2012. Papers: Lisa Kranzer, ‘Elucidating Death – Or, how reformist authors re-wrote executions as martyrdom.’ Tom Hamilton, ‘Contesting Public Executions in Paris Towards the End of the Wars of Religion.’ Rebecca Emmett, ‘“Notorious disobedient & godlesse person” or “poor Waldegrave, who never printed book…that … Continue reading

ERRG 2011

Twentieth Annual Conference: Newcastle University @ Barkollo, 31 August – 2 September 2011 Papers: Stephen Bates (Warwick), ‘Identity and Integrity in the English Reformation’ Emma J. Wells (Durham), ‘“The Fantassie of Idolatrie” : the “Sense” of Loss in Post-Reformation Saintly Devotion, c. 1530-1547’ Christian Schneider (Durham), ‘Preventing and Keeping the Heretic–Pope Clement VIII’s Involvement in … Continue reading

ERRG 2010

University of St Andrews, 6-7 September 2010 Papers: Maggi Young (Kent at Canterbury), ‘The education and appointment of clergy to Canterbury diocese 1550-1575’ Don White (Warwick), ‘Seeing through Stratton: an integrative approach to pre-modern parish sources’ Aude de Mézerac-Zanetti (Durham/Paris III – La Sorbonne Nouvelle), ‘Changes to the cult of the saints under Henry VIII, … Continue reading

ERRG 2006

Fifteenth Annual Conference: Barnes Close, Bromsgrove Papers: Laura Sangha (Warwick), ‘The Significance of Angels in the English Reformation’ Anna French (Birmingham), ‘Young, Godly and Possessed: Children and Demonic Possession in Early Modern England’ Paul Brand (York), ‘Spiritual Uncertainty in the Early German Reformation: Hans Denck and the Development of a Spiritualist Epistemology’ Katie Wright (Birmingham), … Continue reading

ERRG 2004

Fourteenth Annual Conference: University College, Northampton 2-4 September, 2004 PAPERS: Sylvia Gill (University of Birmingham): ‘Analysing the Chantry Clergy Population of the Midlands’ Peter Webster (University of Sheffield): ‘The transfer of ideas from the Continental to the English Reformations: the cases for and against music in church 1550-1640’ Nick Thompson (University of Aberdeen): ‘Going Public: … Continue reading

ERRG 2003

Thirteenth Annual Conference: Ushaw College, Durham 4-6 September, 2003 PAPERS: Luc Racaut (University of Newcastle): ‘Anglicanism and Gallicanism: Neither Rome nor Geneva?’ Liz Tingle (University College, Northampton): ‘The Prehistory of Tridentine Reform: Catholicism in Nantes 1550-1585’ Beat Kumin (University of Warwick): ‘Measuring Religion? Debating the Pros and Cons of English Churchwardens’ Accounts’ Matthew Milner (University … Continue reading

ERRG 2002

Twelfth Annual Conference: University of Reading 5-7 September, 2002 PAPERS: Michael Riordan (University of Liverpool): ‘The Cookham Courtiers: continuity, co-operation and religious belief in mid-Tudor England’ James Austen (University of Durham): ‘Compromise or Shame? Stephen Gardiner and religious moderation, 1532-35’ Louise Campbell (University of Birmingham): ‘The Elizabethan religious settlement and Archbishop Matthew Parker: a diagnosis … Continue reading

ERRG 2001

Eleventh Annual Conference: Crichton Campus, University of Glasgow, Dumfries 30 August – 2 September, 2001 PAPERS: Kenneth Austin (University of St. Andrews): ‘Isn’t it Irenic? Immanuel Tremellius and the Avoidance of Controversy’ Elizabeth Tingle (Nene College, Northampton): ‘A mini-colloquy of Poissy in Brittany: interfaith dialogue in Nantes in 1562’ Christine Linton (University of St. Andrews): … Continue reading

ERRG 2000

Tenth Annual Conference: University of Birmingham 31 August – 3 September, 2000 PAPERS: Peter Marshall (University of Warwick):  ‘Is the Pope a Catholic? Henry VIII and the semantics of schism’ Elaine Fulton (University of St. Andrews): ‘A Catholic layman in a Protestant city: Dr. Georg Eder and Vienna, 1549-1587’ Kenneth Austin (University of St. Andrews): … Continue reading

ERRG 1999

Ninth Annual Conference: University of the West of England, Bristol 2-5 September, 1999 PAPERS: Bridget Heal: ‘”Eyn frawe wie eyn ander frawe”? Images and devotion to the Virgin Mary in Germany, 1500-1600’ Peter Marshall: ‘The Company of Heaven: identity and sociability in the English Protestant afterlife’ Nicole Gorchowina: ‘Anabaptism in East Friesland’ Jonathan Nelson: ‘Calvinism … Continue reading

ERRG 1998

Eighth Annual Conference: New College, Edinburgh 3-6 September, 1998 PAPERS: Will Coster (De Montfort University): ‘The place of the font in the early modern English church’ Shona Maclean (University of Aberdeen): ‘Surviving the Reformation: schooling in New Aberdeen’ Linda Dunbar (University of Edinburgh): ‘John Winram, John Knox and St. Andrews 1546-47’ Alec Ryrie (St. Cross … Continue reading

ERRG 1997

Seventh Annual Conference: De Montford University, Bedford 4-7 September, 1997 PAPERS: William Naphy (University of Aberdeen): ‘Geneva, the difficult neighbour’ Will Coster (De Montfort University): ‘Conservatism and acquiescence: Thomas Butler and the Reformation in Much Wenlock 1538-62’ Gregory Duke (Jesus College, Oxford): ‘Church-plate certificates in East Anglia 1547-1552’ Alexandra Ashfield (Keble College, Oxford): ‘Politics in … Continue reading

ERRG 1996

Sixth Annual Conference: Stonyhurst College, Lancashire 29 August – 1 September, 1996 PAPERS: Andrew Pettegree (University of St. Andrews): ‘The sixteenth-century religious book’ Bruce Gordon (University of St. Andrews): ‘What was Zwinglian spirituality?’ Carrie Euler (University of St. Andrews): ‘More than advice for godly householders: Heinrich Bullinger’s The state of Christian Matrimonye and the English … Continue reading

ERRG 1995

Fifth Annual Conference: University of Warwick 3-6 August, 1995 PAPERS: Beat Kümin (Magdalene College, Cambridge): ‘Reformations old and new: the socio-economic impact of religious change, c. 1470-1630’ Peter Marshall (University of Warwick): ‘The dispersal of monastic patronage in sixteenth-century East Yorkshire’ Lucy Conroy-Kirby (University of St. Andrews): ‘John Foxe’s treatment of female martyrs’ Lien Bich … Continue reading

ERRG 1994

Fourth Annual Conference: University St Andrews 4-7 August, 1994 PAPERS: Bruce Gordon (University of St. Andrews): ‘Sixteenth-century views of Savonarola’ Beat Hodler (Institut für Europäische Geschichte, Mainz): ‘”Scandal” in sixteenth-century Protestant thought’ Paul Regan (University of Southampton): ‘The Dutch Israel thesis’ Howard Hotson (University of Aberdeen): ‘The origins of Calvinist millenarianism as a crisis of … Continue reading